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We exclusively use all our resources to the service of Web Hosting.

With 99,5% we have one of best “uptimes” in the industry.

To be able
Superfluous connections to 2000 mbps (2GiG-E).

We count in line on an extensive section of support, in addition to forms of request of support with excellent response times.

Control Panel
We count on the service of Web Hosting easier to use. Still usuary inexpert they will be able to in line put his site from his own explorer Web.


Web Hosting Domain Free
The trustworthiness and seriousness that its site needs…
As client of Escorts Web Hosting, its site will count on all the infrastructure necessary to maintain its site working without problems the 99,5% of the time.

At the moment we told on superfluous connections 2000 mbps (2GiG-E). In terms of optical fiber this is the equivalent to the surprising capacity of 3 lines OC12 and one OC3.

Due to the previous thing, you will count on one otherwise the fast and reliable connections that exist.

In Escorts Web Hosting we dedicated ourselves exclusively to the lodging of websites, that is to say, we offer neither dedicated connections, nor connections “dial-up” that they reduce speed and trustworthiness to a Host.

We are also offering cheap vps web hosting, you'll be glad that our packages provide resources similar to a dedicated server but at a fraction of the cost.

Feel it frees to sail our website and it discovers because the best companies in Mexico prefer the quality and trustworthiness of Escorts Web Hosting.


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It already has Web Hosting?
One does not worry, we we transferred it without additional position!

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