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As of December of the 2007 Prodigy Infinitum this blocking the access to port 25 of all clients in all the country. In this port all the servants of salient mail in the Internet listen.

He has 3 options to solve the problem:
1) To change of access supplier by which he does not block part to him of the Internet.
2) To call to them and to ask to them that they clear to you this blockade to him, according to the information that we have if the client asks for it specifically if they clear the blockade to him.
3) As measurement of support for our clients we have activated a copy of the servant of salient mail in the port 26, unique that it must make to use this option is to form its program of mail so that it looks for the servant of salient mail (SMTP) in port 26 instead of the 25.

For the explanation of any doubt or restlessness it does not doubt in contacting to us.

Kindly: UI

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