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In this section it will find the information necessary to use servants FTP of Internet Large city

Understanding FTP.

FTP is the abbreviations for “File Transfer Protocol?. In Spanish this would be “File transfer protocol?.

As its name says it, FTP allows us to transfer archives between two computers.
As you know, a website is not but that a series of archives, of there the necessity to count on tools that allow us to transfer these archives from their computer to the servant.

Understanding the file system of its account.

When its account was created, automatically several archives and directories in their space were created Web. Between most important they are:

public_html Guarde here the archives that wishes they are seen in the Internet.

www This is a link to the directory public_html

cgi-bin This directory is within public_html and here his are due to locate scripts Perl

There are several archives and directories but, some estan hidden.

It is very important that he maintains this intact structure, since is indispensable for the correct operation of its account.

Programs FTP

There are many programs FTP. The way to form them so that they work with his account is practically the same.

Here we presented but the popular ones to him


It makes click in anyone of them to see as they are formed.



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