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Forming CuteFTP to access the servant via FTP

1. - Abra Cute FTP and makes click in Cases out > Site Manager > New

There he will see a screen as this:

He writes in:
For label site: A name for its site, for example: My website
FTP Host address:
Ftp site username: Its name of user
Password ftp site: Its password
Ftp site Connection Port: 21
Login Type: Normal

Obvious, it changes by his own domain.

It makes click in Connect

2. - Next they appear two screens, the one of the left is its hard disk and the one of the right is the servant.

The only thing that it must do is to select the archives of its hard disk and to drag them towards the servant.

NOTE: Make sure to raise his archives the www directory, since he is the only directory who sees himself in Internet

The majority of the problems to connect itself via FTP to their site is due to that the user is behind firewall or a servant proxy.

In order to solve the following thing makes them:

Abra Edit > Settings

A called screen Settings appears:

> Firewall to the left makes click in Connection.

Mode makes click in picture PASV

NOTE: it leaves all the other equal.

Congratulations! it finishes forming CuteFTP to raise his archives!


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