We exclusively use all our resources to the service of Web Hosting.

With 99,5% we have one of best “uptimes? in the industry.

To be able
Superfluous connections to 2000 mbps (2GiG-E).

We count in line on an extensive section of support, in addition to forms of request of support with excellent response times.

Control Panel
We count on the service of Web Hosting easier to use. Still usuary inexpert they will be able to in line put his site from his own explorer Web.



Our datacenter is in Houston, Texas, EUA. Why in the United States? Simply because there is the greatest and powerful spines of Internet.

 Connections to Internet

At the moment we counted on superfluous connections to 2000 mbps (2GiG-E) with multiple Tier1 suppliers. In terms of optical fiber this is the equivalent to the surprising capacity of 3 lines OC12 and one OC3.

 Operations center.

The operations center in which are our servants counts on:
- Superfluous generators of electricity to generate uninterruptible electrical energy.
- Generators of endorsement electricity.
- Anti-fire control.
- Antistatic high floors, this guarantees the access to the wiring in a few minutes.
- Humidity control.
- Multiple levels of security.

 Internal connectivity

Most of the times the problems of rapidity of answer not this in the external connections to Internet but in an overloaded internal network. In Large city Internet we used but outpost technology in switcheo and ruteo to avoid these necks of bottle I commit.
Although we maintain a solid network, we persecuted the excellence. While the other suppliers use the conventional mechanisms of ruteo to take but the possible thing by a connection, Large city Internet obtains the potential major to have multiple connections. Using outpost technology, actively we sent samples all over all the whole Internet to measure the lost one and response times of packages towards the clients through specific connections. Joining statistical immediate of the performance of the Internet our routers they make until several hundreds of route diversions per minute to use the best one via arriving at the final destination; you, the client.



P. - What mean, in speed, all those numbers?
A normal modem is connected to 56Kb/s.
Next a comparative table of professional connections.

Connection   Speed
T1 / DS1   1.544
T2 / DS2   6.312
Cable   10
T3 / DS3   44.736
OC1   51.48
OC3   155.52
OC9   466.56
OC12   622.08
OC18   933.12
OC24   1.244
OC36   1.866
OC48   2.488
OC96   4.976
OC192   10


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