Are you designer Web? , he gives services of Internet? , or simply he has more of a domain than he wishes to provide with accomodations?

As an independent remarketer of UrbeInternet you have all the characteristics of a supplier of services of lodging without the operative costs. In addition it will obtain great discounts and it will be able to fix his own prices (those that wish).

All the clients of Large city Internet describe for our program of remarketers. The only thing that it must do is to be client with anyone of our packages and from the second account that it has, it will begin to have great discounts.

In order to maintain to anonymous Large city Internet to his clients all our remarketers they can have a Control Panel with his own logo.

Accounts Extra Monthly prices c/u.
Normal price $145 $245 $345
1-40 $125 $225 $325
41-80 $105 $205 $305
81 in future $85 $185 $285
Registry of domains com, net and org $200,00 by a year.
Registry of domains MX $250,00 by a year.
Registry of domain name free and the -10% purchase of annual packages. (only TLD's com, net and org; It does not include ccTLD's MX)

NOTE: The prices are by accounts extra and they do not include IVA.

UrbeInternet is responsible to only give technical support to the remarketer, the same is for the collection, and the servants of names next:

The remarketer is in charge to give technical support to its clients, the same is for the collection. Also it will have to respect and to cause that their clients respect the same terms and conditions that those of the contract of UrbeInternet



The Control Panel of UrbeInternet has our logo, nevertheless, you can send his own logo to us and all clients will see their Control Panel with their image!

P. - will You receive my clients?
No. You will be made position receive its clients and we will in the same way acquire each account to him that with any normal account, that with prices only reduced.

For this he must be registered with credit card as payment method, of another way he could only resell semester or annual accounts.


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