We exclusively use all our resources to the service of Web Hosting.

With 99,5% we have one of best “uptimes? in the industry.

To be able
Superfluous connections to 2000 mbps (2GiG-E).

We count in line on an extensive section of support, in addition to forms of request of support with excellent response times.

Control Panel
We count on the service of Web Hosting easier to use. Still usuary inexpert they will be able to in line put his site from his own explorer Web.


 That makes Large city Internet?

In Large city Internet we dedicated ourselves to provide the space and the necessary tools so that you have his own site in the Internet.

 That is Web Hosting?

Traditionally, when a person wants to have her own site in the Internet must spend a great amount of money acquiring the necessary equipment for this, the previous thing without taking into account the same connection. The great majority of the times this person finishes by far but space which it needs.
Web Hosting means that we have all that equipment and great connections and provide the space Web to our users.
Because we have many users, we are able to have the best thing of best in equipment and the connections, everything by a monthly minimum amount.

 That type of services or tools offers?

— Space Web
— Cgi
— PHP4 and Perl
— Data bases MySQL
— Cgi
— Access FTP
— Front Page extensions
— Mail POP3 and smtp
— Connection SSL (secure socket to layer)

 That type of scripts or applications does not allow?

We did not allow or our servants do not handle:
— Applications daemon.
— Domains aiming at subdirectories
— Any thing related to IRC (Internet Relay Chat)
— Data bases MS Access

For greater information it reads our policies of use on watch.

 They offer technical support by telephone.

It makes click here

 They offer access dial-up to Internet.

No. all our resources are dedicated to the lodging of websites. You must have his own supplier of Internet. (we recommended one to him that has smtp)

 They can design my website?

No, we do not provide service of design Web.

 To whom I can contact for technical support?

First, it proves our section of support in line. If it cannot find the information that needs, it uses our form of support request to contact our equipment of technical support.

 They have basic system of data?

We use MySQL. We have found that our members prefer MySQL since it is a basic program of data relatively easy to use. visit for more information.

 As types IT PAMPERS have installed?

We have many, and you can install theirs through his Control Panel.

 I can form forms for safe transmission?

If, there is no additional position.

 How much it costs to transfer a domain name?

There is no quota to transfer your domain to Large city Internet, of us or their domain name register.

 They realise additional positions to use data base mySQL?

No, MySQL this including in any plan

 I can promote my website in Large city Internet sending great amounts of e-mail?

Spamming is a violation to our policies of use on watch.
Legal and ethical subjects in the massive shipment of mail nonasked for exist involved. Any user of our service that has sent a great number of messages nonasked for will close the account to him in the course of the following 24 hours. A prorated part of its monthly payment in the plan that it contracted will be given back.

 What software of Web server uses?

We use Apache. Apache is the software of Web server more widely used in the Internet. Burglaryable is highly and reliable. We have found that the combination of Apache and the operating system Linux in our servants highly provides a compatible package that of insurance will maintain your site optimumly running all along. More information on Apache you can find it in apache

 I will have a directory cgi-bin?

Yes, each account comes with its own directory cgi-bin.

 What is a domain name?

A domain name is the way to put in letters a direction IP. The computers are spoken to each other with directions IP, a domain name simply causes that your direction is but customized and easy to remember.

 I will be able to use my domain without the www before he?

Yes. the www is only the name of host, this is not necessary if the servants of names are formed correctly.

 What operating system runs their servants?

Our servants run in an operating system similar to UNIX called LINUX. He is obtained free of charge and highly reliable. For greater information on Linux direct to you to



Are you designer Web? , he gives services of Internet? , or simply he has more of a domain than he wishes to provide with accomodations?
He sees our section of remarketers, and discovers as he can obtain great discounts in anyone of our plans of lodging!


P. - I need technical assistance here and not it encounter.
It visits our section of technical support

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