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In this section it will find the information necessary to use his new mail in Large city Internet.

Understanding the e-mail.

An e-mail is not but that a text file that travels through cyberspace, and we secure all the email using affordable dedicated server. In order to make that trip it needs two types servants, a servant of incoming mail (POP3) and a servant of salient mail (SMTP).
When somebody sends to him a mail this is sent by servant smtp of the Internet service provider of that person. That servant looks for and finds servant POP3 of Large city Internet (where he is provided with accomodations his domain). Servant POP3 of Large city Internet looks for his account and he deposits his mail to him in her.

Those are, simplified clearly, the steps base that make work the e-mail system.

Creating its account (s) of e-mail. (mailbox)

It makes click here to see detailed instructions on as creating his account of mail.

Accessing its messages

IMPORTANT: This is the most common source of errors: When forming its account in its program of mail does not forget that the user name is its complete email address.
For example:
Name of user:
Password: sucontraseña

As we mentioned previously their messages are deposited in their mailbox. Its mailbox is not but that a text file with its name of user who is in the space Web assigned for you in the servant.

There are many ways to access his mailbox. But the common one (and the correct one) are using some client (program) of e-mail as Outlook Express, Outlook, etc.

Next, instructions on as forming the e-mail clients but common to access its mailbox.

Outlook Express
Outlook for Mac

There are other ways to access his mailbox, as using the WebMail program that we have installed for you.

This program allows him to access its mailbox and to send mail from any exploratory Web. Something as well as hotmail or yahoo mail but with its domain.

Nevertheless it must understand that this type of programs must be only used when a normal client cannot use (trips, meetings, etc.)
The reason for this is that nonempty WebMail the messages of the servant and thus is very easy to in this way arrive at its limit from space in disc causing the automatic suspension from its account.

In order to access webmail simply it goes to his explorer and it writes:

It does not forget the diagonal in the end (/), since without her it will not prodrá to enter, our email are highly manageable because we are using managed ssd vps hosting for speed and control.



P. - When trying to access my mail does the program say that to the password this bad one to me, that happens?
This is the common source but of errors. The user name is the complete email address.
For example:
Name of user:


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