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Forming Outlook Express to access its mailbox

1. - Abra Otlook Express and makes click in Tools > Cuentas > Agregar > Mail

There he will see a screen that will request its name to him:

He writes his name and he makes click in following

2. - Next it appears a screen where they will request his email address to him.

Esciba its direction and makes click in following

3. - Later aparecera a screen where it will have to provide his servants

It provides the servants as he acquires knowledge in the example and he makes click in following.
NOTE: it changes by his own domain

4. - It will appear a screen where it must enter the data of validation of his account:

It writes his data and it makes click in following.
NOTE: The user name is its complete email address.

5. - Next a name for its account enters

Here it can write what wants. It makes click in following.

6. - It selects that type of connection uses

Most common it is to establish his own connection, but their ISP asks to him that it is of another way, does it thus.

It makes click in following and in the next screen it makes click in finalizing.

Congratulations! it finishes forming Outlook Express to access his mailbox!


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