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Forming Outlook Mac to access its mailbox.

1. - Of the Edit menu, it selects Preferences.

2. - In the list of accounts, it selects E-mail.

3. - Click in the button New Account does.

4. - A name for the account keys:

5. - Click in OK does

6. - Your real name enters, as you wish that it appears in the Internet in the Full field Yam.

7. - Her email address in the field keys Address E-mail.

8. - In field smtp Server, she introduces (she changes by her own domain)

9. - In the Account field YOU GO, writes its name of user.
Note: The user name is the complete email address

10. - In field MGP Server, it introduces

Note: It can keep his password from mail if therefore it wishes it, but remembers that, if does thus, any person with access to her computer will be able to access her mail.

11. - In the Account field Yam, writes

Congratulations! it finishes forming Outlook Mac to receive the messages in his mailbox!


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