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In this section it will find the information necessary to use the webmail program that Large city Internet has installed for you.

Understanding WebMail.

WebMail is a program that this installed in the servant by means of who you will be able to access his mail from any explorer of Internet. Something as well as hotmail or yahoo mail but with its domain.

IMPORTANT East type of programs must be only used when a normal client cannot use (trips, meetings, etc.)
The reason for this is that nonempty WebMail the messages of the servant and thus is very easy to in this way arrive at its limit from space in disc causing the automatic suspension from its account.


Accessing WebMail.

In order to access webmail simply it goes to his explorer and it writes:

It does not forget the diagonal in the end (/), since without her it will not prodrá to enter.

The system him pedira its name of user and password. These are those of the e-mail that wants to access.

NOTE: The user name is the complete email address. If it does not write it thus, it will not be able to enter.



Cuando uses the e-mail, its name of user will be its complete direction.
The exception to this is its main account, in her is used only the user name.


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