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Welcome to Large city Internet!

We know that to initiate with a new website it means a great challenge nascent webmaster. By this we want to take the opportunity to help him with the basic configuration of its new account in Large city Internet.

Control Panel

First that he must do he is to become familiar with his Control Panel. The Control Panel is a tool that will help to administer to the functions critics him for the operation of its website, For that we can use unlimited web hosting with cpanel Also, the Control Panel offers several tools to him that will be to him very useful.

In order to access his Control Panel the only thing that he must do he is, in his favorite explorer to write:

If its domain still enruta to our servants of names (they have spent less than 48 hours since it realised the change of DNS) will not be able to be accessed its Control Panel of the following way:


The name of the servant and the name of user is the envoys in the welcome mail. It does not forget the tilde (~) before the name user and the diagonal (/) at the end of the word cpanel, since without these it will not be able to access.

The system will request its name to him of user and password. These also were sent to him in the welcome mail.

Publishing its site.

Probably most important of the steps it is that their website is published in the Internet.
Because there are many programs that will allow to raise their site him, we have taken the time to provide the real screenshots to him of the most popular tools to raise its page basing to us on which our clients use.
Down it will find a list of the programs on which we counted at the moment.

Note: if the program that uses not is in this list, it can use it, we have simply not added it still.

Publication tools

Front Page

Tools FTP


Note: When its site raises the Internet will have to make sure to name its main page index.html, because it is as our system will recognize its page. Also make sure to raise his site in the www directory.

About the file system.

When its account was created, automatically several archives and directories in their space were created Web. Between most important they are:

public_html the archives keep Here that wishes they are seen in the Internet.

www This is a link to the directory public_html

cgi-bin This directory is within public_html and here his are due to locate scripts Perl

There are several archives and directories but, some estan hidden.
It is very important that he maintains this intact structure, since is indispensable for the correct operation of its account.

Using its File manager.

If he prefers not to use no of the programs above-mentioned, we offer the possibility of raising to its site using the File manager to him, located in its Control Panel.

Here the steps estan that must follow if it wishes to raise his website of this form:

1. In his Control Panel, it makes click in the league of the File manager.

2. Once within the File manager it makes click in the icon of the www directory:


(making click in the name it will be able to see his characteristics, but it will not sail towards).

3. Within www, it makes click in the league Upload Files (s):

Upload File (s)

4. If it makes click in anyone of the bellboys examine (browse), it will be able to look for his webpages stored in his hard disk. It can raise simultaneously up to 12 archives.

5. It finds his pages and it selects the archives one by one, makes click in the option Raise.
This process can repeat until the totality of the archives of its website has raised.

IMPORTANT: The process to raise archives takes time, this it varies dependiento of whichever archives has entered and the size of each. It must have patience and not return to make click until it has concluded the process.

It has finished raising his site!

Forming its accounts of E-mail

It enters his Control Panel and makes click in the league Add/To erase

Once within the mail system, it will observe that already accounts with an account. This account is the main account and this directed to the main mailbox that is the one of the name of user of the system.

The main account acts as “it catches everything? and this formed automatically to resend to the main mailbox.
If it wishes that its main account east directed to another mailbox, you can change it from his Control Panel doing click in: Main account.

NOTE: The main account this formed to receive all the mail sent to that does not have mailboxes formed for it. For example, if you use and somebody sends a mail to, this message will be catched by the main account and will be sent to the mailbox that it has formed for it.

In order to add a new email address:

1. It enters his Control Panel and makes click in the league Add/To erase

2. The name of user for the account writes. This it will be the direction without

3. A password for the specific direction of mail writes. This can be the one that wishes.

4. When it has finished makes click in Creating.

Forming its client of mail to lower the mail of the directions just created.

A great one exists I number of mail programs that can use.
In order to help him we have screen captures of the most popular programs. Please it makes click in the league inferior for the client of mail that uses.

It will need the name user and the password for the mail account that finishes forming,

IMPORTANT: For ordinary email addresses, the user name is its complete direction. For the main account it is only the user name.

Also the servant will need salient mail (SMTP) provided by his ISP (Supplier on watch of Internet. P. ex. Prodigy, Terra, etc.) so that it can send mail messages.

Note: If the program that this using is not in this list, can use it, we have simply not added it still.

Tools of e-mail.

Outlook Express
Outlook for Mac

Additional Infomación.

Now that has raised its site the Internet and has formed all accounts of mail, this ready one to begin.

If it has other questions that were not responded here, please it takes this opportunity to familiarize to you with the rest of our section of support.

If one already became familiar with the support section and even so it has questions and it cannot find answers or you corious with our affordable dedicated server service, please it fills a form of request of support located in our website and we will send an answer to him as soon as it is possible.


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