As supplier of lodging in the Internet for thousands of clients, Large city Internet values its good reputation. In agreement with this, it is important for us that our clients use our service, and Internet generally, person in charge and courteously. The majority of our clients therefore does it and rarely they require to go to these Policies. Nevertheless, the following are examples of inadequate use of the services of Large city Internet, which will sanction with a suspension or the completion of the account of the client.

Abuse of the e-mail and prohibited forms of publicity.

Inadequate activities include the Spamming (to send publicity via e-mail not solicitd to those with those who the client does not have work relation some, to place publicity in groups of the news that they do not have to do with the topic); spoofing (to use a direction of mail return that is not a direction been worth of the emitter or to send a mail message that does not contain sufficient information that it allows the receiver to identify that really sends the message; passive Spamming (to promote a website provided with accomodations by Large city Internet by means of the Spamming of another source), trolling (to place controversial messages in groups of the news to generate answers), mailbombing (to flood to a user with post office without any serious intention to respond), to generate a volume superior of salient mail that any normal user (more of 10% of resources of the system available), and to subscribe to somebody to a list of e-mail without the authorization of this person. A message is considered not required if it is placed in violation to the charter of a group of the news or is sent to a receiver that has not asked for the message. Doing an email address available does not imply a requisition to receive messages. The distribution of programs of mail in mass also this prohibited. All the receivers of a mail list must personally it have solicitd. The mail lists cannot be used to distribute mail nonasked for. Any client who repeatedly “is bombed? with mail or that attracts this behavior will solicit to him that she retires.
Any site, domain or account whose primary activity is the massive shipment of e-mail will be eliminated without previous warning. If not these safe that your actions violated some rule, please it asks first:


The client will have to be greater of 18 years to obtain our service.

Abuse of the legal rights of others.

Examples of inadequate activities in this section include announcing information deprived on a person without their consent, to infringe rights of intellectual property, to defame to a person or business, and to make available codes in full knowledge that they will have a disastrous effect in the computers of third parties. Large city Internet supports the freedom of expression in the Internet and it will not suspend or it will cancel the account of a client simply to be in discord with the point of view expressed by the client. When it exists some plea of which the activity in line of a client has violated the legal rights of another Large city Internet will not act in the one place cuts legal to decide the positions to the done demands on the other.

Violation to the law.

The services of Large city Internet could be used exclusively for legal intentions. The illegality includes, but a is not limited: drug handling, to try without authorization to access a computer system, to hack into (to distribute material with rights reserved in violation to the law of author rights, specifically MP3, MPEG, ROM and emulators ROM); bets; frauds; traffic of obscene material; to send a message with obscene, lujurioso, lewd, dirty or indecent content with intentions to bother, to threaten or to abuse to another person; to threaten physical damage to individuals or groups; To violate the export restrictions; Watching; or to break another federal or state law such as the Act of Privacy in the Electronic Communications, the Act of Abuse and Computer Fraud, or the Act of Economic Espionage. Also this prohibited to make links to illegal material. Large city Internet reserves the right to review post office, system files and another information in our servants in search of content and illegal material or for any other reason that create necessary.


Transaction of pornography or sexual merchandise, or links to this material, even though he is legal, are an unacceptable use in the servants of Large city Internet.

Abuse of the resources of the servants of Large city Internet.

To run services or daemons without the previous authorization in writing, or to run chat rooms, Internet Relay Chat, bots IRC, more than 1000 post office per day and things of the sort are inadequate uses of the servants of Large city Internet. In addition, any use of the ten percent (10%) or more of the resources of the system is an illegal load to our system and is unacceptable. If your use sometimes exceeds the ten percent (10%) the resources of our system, your account can be eliminated immediately without previous warning. In addition any ten domain that exceeds giga bytes traffic will be eliminated without previous notification. Large city Internet can form a name of additional domain to be added to direction IP of your site by a unique quota of $150,00 pesos. The use of scripts or other utilities to direccionar names of domain added to subdirectories this allowed and are not sanctioned with the completion of the account.


Large city Internet reserves the right to report illegal activities to anyone and all the regulatory, administrative and/or governmental authorities for its execution.

The following examples of inadequate behavior are not the unique ones and are provided in order to only guide.
If this safe that their actions will be violation to our policies please does not contact

Sent messages of the servant or any message sent with intentions of direct interference or indirectly to any network.
Intention to jump the authentication or security of any user, guest, network or account.
To access information nondestined to the user.
To violate the security of any network.
To run dozens of processes.
Port scans, floods of pings, spoofing of packages, to falsify routing information.
Attacks of negation on watch (TWO Attacks), sniffers, flooding, spoofing, ping bombing, smurfs, winnuke, land, teardrop. Propagation of virus.
Bots of IRC such as eggdrop or BitchX.
Anyone of these activities, or or not that the interference has as result corruption or loss of information, will be investigated and actions will be taken on the matter.
The presence of anyone of these programs, is working or no, suspension or completion will be in a sanction against the client including.

Responsibility of the Client.

The client is responsible by all activity originated from his account unless she tries to be an external victim of hacking or of falsification for direction. The client is responsible to assure his name user and password (username/password). The client assumes the responsibility of all the material in his site that can be put by one third person (as the use of pages for Free All). The use of the services of Large city Internet requires certain level of knowledge in the use of languages, protocols and software of Internet. This level varies following the use and content wished in the space Web of the client. The following examples are offered:
In order to publish its website: it requires HTML knowledge, to locate and to bind documents appropriately, to place contents Web with FTP as: graphs, text, sound, maps of image, etc.
To publish with Front Page: knowledge of tools Frontpage as well as understanding and capacity for the use of telnet and FTP.
Scripts cgi: it requires knowledge of the UNIX atmosphere, commandos TAR and GUNZIP, Perl, scripts CShell, permissions, etc.
Mail (Mail): use of clients to receive and to send mail, etc.
The client accepts that or she has the knowledge necessary to create and to maintain its space Web. The client accepts that it is not responsibility of Large city Internet to provide this knowledge or to offer support in external subjects that are not specifically of the servants of Large city Internet.

Endorsements (Backups)

Weekly complete endorsements, and every night of new or changed information take to end. There are guarantees of no no type, or it express or implicit, with respect to the integrity of these endorsements (backups). The endorsements are realised only for intentions of restoration of the servant. It is responsibility of the client to maintain local copies of the content of his website. If it happened lost of information due to an error of Large city Internet, Large city Internet will try to recover the information without position some for the client. If the lost one of information happened due to negligence on the part of the client when assuring its account or by some action of the client, Large city Internet will try to recover the information of the most recent endorsement by a quota of $700,00 pesos.

Numbers IP

Large city Internet maintains the control and is proprietor of anyone and all the numbers and directions IP that could have been assigned to the client and reserve of its whole discretion the right to change or to eliminate anyone and all the numbers and directions IP.

Obstacle of responsibility.

Large city Internet will not take responsibility by reclamation of damages, including incidental damages and consecuenciales, that could arise from which the servants of Large city Internet are out of line or they are not available for some reason. In addition, Large city Internet will not take responsibility by reclamation of damages, including incident and consecuenciales damages, result of the corruption or elimination of any website from one of the servants of Large city Internet. All the damages will be limited the immediate completion of the service.

Large city Internet will be the only arbitrator than it is or not a violation to these policies of use of the service. Large city Internet reserves the right at any time to finish an account and by any reason that causes damage to any website of some client of Large city Internet. In case of cancellation of an account, Large city Internet reserves the right to eliminate all the content and related files to that account. Large city Internet reserves the right to retain any been pleased bottom of any site removed by some violation to this policy. Large city Internet reserves the right to reject, to cancel or to suspend the service to our whole discretion.
Large city Internet reserves the right to change to the policies of use of the service without previous warning or warning.

The violations to these policies of use of the service will have to be reported to

All the complaints will be investigated immediately


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