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Forming Macromedia Dreamweaver to access the servants of Internet Large city

Before being able to publish a file HTML to his website it must: or to have a webpage or created or to create a new one. In order to create a page with Macromedia Dreamweaver it follows these simple steps:

1. With open Dreamweaver it makes click in Cases out --> New
2. This writes " is a test?
3. From the menu bar it makes click in Cases out --> Save Ace
4. It names the file.
(If this file is the main page of its website, make sure to call it index.html)

Once it has kept the file in his hard disk, this ready one to publish it.

1. - Of the Site menu, it selects Defines Site.

It will see a dialogue as this:

It makes click in Edit. After the new window is opened, info makes click in Remote

2. - A picture will see as this:

It writes in:
Server Access: FTP
FTP Host:
Host directory: www
Username: Its name of user writes
Password: Its password writes

It makes click in OK

3. - A dialogue will have to see as this:

To Remote Host makes click in the button “Connects? and hopes to that it is connected.

The window of the left is the servant, the window of the right is its website.

Congratulations! it finishes forming Macromedia Dreamweaver to connect itself to the servant!


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