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Forming Front Page to access the servants of Internet Large city using our VPS hosting with cpanel that is very useful.

Before being able to publish a file HTML to his website it must: or to have a webpage or created or to create a new one. In order to create a page with Front Page it follows these simple steps:

1. With open Front Page it makes click in Cases out --> New
2. This writes " is a test?
3. From the menu bar it makes click in Cases out --> Save Ace
4. It names the file.
(If this file is the main page of its website, make sure to call it index.html)

Once it has kept the file in his hard disk, this ready one to publish it.

IMPORTANT: It must make sure that the extensions of Front Page esten installed in their account before trying to raise their site. In order to see this it goes to his Control Panel and makes click in Front Page

IMPORTANT: To use Front Page eliminates some of the characteristics of its Control Panel. Front Page uses the archives .htaccess, also makes the tool protect directories of the Control Panel. If he wishes to protect directories or any other thing who use .htaccess, he must do it from Front Page.
Most recommendable, to avoid problems, he is to create his website in Front Page and to raise archives using FTP.

1. - Of the menu He cases out, selects to Publish Web.

He will see a dialogue as this: writes
It selects to Publish All pages
It selects to Include subWebs

It makes click in Publish

2. - A picture will see as this:

It writes his name of user and its password. These are the same that use to access their Control Panel

2. - If everything came out well must see a dialogue as this:

It makes click in Donates

Congratulations! Front Page finishes raising his first page using!


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