They offer technical support by telephone?

No. We have a system that is much more effective that the telephone one.

When a company has “call to center? must engage operators who answer the calls.
Usually to these operators an advanced training course of one week occurs them so that they can answer “frequent questions? and fill forms that are sent to the true experts when the subject becomes technician very.

The problem is that, in the business of providing with accomodations websites, 90% of the times, the problem become technician very.
Then, to add a telephone operator to the equation only generates confusion and errors of communication.

The true expert, that is to say, the person who reamente this sitting in front of Shell and has total access to the servant, cannot answer calls to be solved problems.

The solution?

We have a system by means of which you can pose his problem via written directly to the expert.

An example:

You this trying to install script GNU in your website and cannot make work it. After several hours of frustration he decides to call to technical support to see if the servant accepts this type of scripts.

— A telephone operator, immediately, would answer to him:
If, if accepts that type of scripts, but his must be badly formed. Form it and you must work.

— An expert, several hours later, contestaria him:
If, if accepts that type of scripts, the problem were a fault in its configuration in line 46. I already corrected the error by you and script seems to be working well.
Let me know if it has some other problem.


That answer you prefer? an immediate answer that does not solve anything to him? or an answer several hours after it solves his problem to him?

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