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In this section it will find the information necessary to use the service Secure Shell in the servants of Internet Large city

Understanding the operating system.

Its website is located in a servant who works with the operating system Linux.
Linux is the favorite operating system between webmasters professional given its high trustworthiness compared with any other.

This operating system works through a shell, a shell is a line of commandos in whom the file system of its account can sail, to make changes in its archives, to change permissions, etc.

IMPORTANT: If the most probable line of commandos does not know what is than it does not need it. If he is not ABSOLUTELY indispensable to enter the shell, it does not do it. This section is exclusive for expert users. If it wishes access to the shell must ask for it to technical support explaining the reasons for it.

That it is SSH?

SSH is the abbreviations for Secure Shell. It is a communication protocol between its computer and the servant.
As far as its operation it is exactly just like telnet, the only difference are that all the communication is encriptada before being transmitted through Internet.

Using SSH

There are many SSH programs. The way to form them so that they work with his account is practically the same.

Here we presented one to him of most popular because he is gratuitous:


It makes click in seeing as it is formed.


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