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In this section it will find the information necessary to use the Secure Socket Layer service in the servants of Internet Large city

Understanding SSL.

SSL is the abbreviations for Secure Socket Layer. SSL is a safe communication protocol between the servant and an exploratory Web.

It is practically just like HTTP the unique difference is that all the communication (in both senses) between the explorer and the servant is encripta before being transmitted through the Internet.


Since to SSL it is the favorite method for safe tranmisión of sensitive information through the Internet (numbers of cards of credit, passwords, etc.), must have a way to make sure that the owner of the safe servant is a serious and reliable organization.

This way is the security certificate obtaining.

These certificates emit them organizations recognized as “Verisign? or “Thawte?.
Any webmaster that debera wants to have a security certificate to ask for it to some of these companies. They pediran the documentation to him necessary to try that, hers, is a serious and reliable company.

If at some time she wishes to obtain a certificate, she must warn Large city Internet since we must initiate the step generating the necessary keys for the request.

As the certificate system works?

The explorers have registered within their memory the way to verify if the security certificates are worth and if they come from a confidence emitter.

Before settling down a safe connection, the explorer looks for the certificate (stored in the servant) and verifies that he is real and that not this winning.

If all this or it begins to receive and to decode the archives to unfold showing them, at the same time, a padlock in the part inferior (or superior dependiento of the explorer).
If you do double click in that small padlock will be able to see the details of the emitter and the owner of the certificate.

It does one tries!

Then I need a certificate to use SSL?

In Large city Internet we have taken care of this detail so that you do not have to spend approximately the 200 dollars per year in a certificate.

Each of our servants has installed a certificate “server wide? that it works for all the accounts in that servant.

Nevertheless it must take into account that some explorers haran a warning to the visitor warning to him that the name in the certificate does not agree with the one of the site.

So if you really need to be serious with respect to the security of his site it will have to buy his own certificate.

Using the certificates “Server Wide?

In order to use our certificate Server Wide it will need to know how in that servant is provided with accomodations his site.

All our servants have names as:

### is I number, if it does not know what is the name of its servant fills a form of support request and by far taste we will provide it.

We are going to take as example the servant with the name.

In order to access a file safely it makes the link thus:

user is the user name with whom his Control Panel accesses.

NOTE: It does not forget the tilde (~) before the name user and the “s? after HTTP


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